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5G Network


5G is the global mobile communication standard chosen by a majority of the world’s leading operators to provide voice, data, video & internet service and it is interoperable with the existing mobile network. The 5G network provides the peak data rate of 20Gbps in downlink & 10Gbps in uplink, the low latency less than 1ms in access network & less than 10ms in end-to-end, the reliability greater than 99%, the energy efficiency, and the connection density up to 1,000,000 devices per km², while the 4G network provides the peak data rate of 1Gbps in downlink, the latency less than 10ms in access network, and the connection density up to 100,000 devices per km².

And also, 5G network supports network slice selection function that allows for controlled composition of a Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) from the specified network functions with their specifics and the provided services that are required for a specific usage. Thus, the 5G network provides the enhanced rate, reliability, energy efficiency and flexibility to prevent the network from the accommodation of mobile phones as well as many Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


DT can provide technical consulting and deployment for 5G network, and 5G service development, too.
So, you will get out-of-art network on the turn-key basis, and can strongly propel and accommodate a business such as Internet of Things (IoT) and large-scaled data services.

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